Plants and Garden

perovskiaOur plants are less expensive than garden centre plants.  They are also sturdier and more interesting.  They are propagated and grown in local producers gardens.  Our producers are free of the pressures that limit the time and care commercial growers can afford to put into their trade.

penstemonWhen you visit one of our Country Markets you will find an interesting spread of plants that people have propagated from plants that they cherish and want to pass on to other gardeners and pot plant lovers.

On the Hub you will find a selection of our plants waiting for a place in your home or garden.  To order them just click on start shopping and then click on the "Flowers, Plants and Garden" tab

Examples: perovskia, abelia, winter savory, fuchsia, primula vialii, primula barbara midwinter, penstemon, tomato basket, sage, oregano, mint, thyme, snake's head fritillary, sarcococca, agapanthus, daffodil, iris reticulata, double snowdrop, hyacinths, day lily, giant echium, bird food