Home-produced & Artisan one-stop shopping

Hub produceNow you can order from our West Midlands Country Markets producers and from selected local Artisans.  Order from a wide range of local products and collect them all from one place. Just click on "Start Shopping" to get going.

Crafts, plants, home-cooking, vegetables

Ordering through the Hub puts you first in the queue for the good things from our markets.  You can order from a producers full repertoire -not just the things they planned to bring on a given week.  You can order from producers from other market & from artisans in the local area.  This lets you chose from a wide and wonderfull range and then get everything from the one place.

...but it is more than just picking up your shopping.  When you get to the market there will be lots of other things, all home-produced, to catch your eye.  It's also a great place for a cup of coffee & home-made cake with your friends, without the high price of high street coffee shops.

You'll make new friends too.  Country markets has a happy, homely atmosphere where everybody gets to know everyone else.  You'll be welcomed with a smile, so take the first step and click on "Start Shopping".

Some of the products available through the Hub...

Chocolate, Jams, Pickles, Marmalade, Chutney, Bread, Stollen, Mince pies, Christmas puddings, Christmas Cakes, Cookies, Pizza, Quiche, Crafts, Gifts, Greetings Cards, Oilcloth aprons, Crochet, Knitting, Hair-ornaments, Pendants, Upcycled jars, Purses, Book covers, Fruit, Vegetables, Plants, Candles, Kombucha, Happy Gut Hut, Finwood Hill Farm, Grass-fed, Free range, Dexter beef, Old spot pork, Claybrooke Mill, Muesli, Organic flour, long life food wrap, ecowrap

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